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Your dog’s pack mentality

A dog’s natural needs are met only with the “pack” mentality.

Pack mentality is what wolf packs practice naturally in the wild to maintain stability and for survival.

There can only be one pack leader while the rest of the pack know their place in a very clear hierarchy. When a naturally submissive dog does not have a leader to follow, he will try to fill that void by becoming the leader and dominating his pack – this means you and your family.

When your dog’s position is not clear, this can lead to unwanted behavior such as: jumping, barking or digging to biting and worse. Your dog craves leadership and is happy and balanced when he/she is controlled in every facet of his/her life. When your dog wags his/her tail, we interpret this as happiness. This does not mean your dog is emotionally stable. We tend to attribute human emotions to our dogs which can lead to bad habits. By you being calm and dominant, your dog will feel calm, which in turn will keep him happy and balanced.